Ausbildung in typografischer Gestaltung

Ausbildung in typografischer Gestaltung introduces enthralling and trailblazing typographical solutions, tested by Lutz with his students during his twenty years as a teacher of typography at Swiss and international design institutes. In brief introductions to each of the five chapters, Lutz essentially outlines an aesthetic theory on typographic design.

The book ends where it begins: it shows the lettering of outdoor advertising, posters, road markings and the ‘spontanous typography’ of messages painted on walls, thereby reminding us that the forms defined by typographers are subject to decay and environmental change, in short, to the aesthetic inroads of life.”
Fritz Billeter, TagesAnzeiger

Third edition, 1996, 258 pages, 124 full color and 1014 b/w reproductions
23.5 x 30 cm, hardcover with dust jacket
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