“We experience history through all the things we see and hear day after day, and through what the media report to us about them day after day. Maybe I’m addicted to reading the papers because no other medium presents such a mixed bag of ‘big’ and ‘small’ stories. (…) The idea behind 1979 is simple: for every workday of the year, one page of a daily newspaper in Zurich has been reproduced, showing events of local and international political significance. That makes up the first volume. A 10 x 15 mm section has been cut out of each of these pages and enlarged to fill the book format of 208 x 294 mm. The clippings have not been selected at random. They are meant to offer a visual commentary on the largely verbal news in the first volume. the outcome is volume two and also a history of the year 1979: a story in signs and pictures.”
Hans-Rudolf Lutz

“While we tend to have a better grasp of visual and textual relations in volume 1, volume 2 gives us more insight into structures and pictorial signs that signalize something, that appeal to or even assault the emotions.”
Fritz Billeter

2 volumes
312 pages each
20,8 x 29,4 cm

Srf 79.–
Euro 48.–